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Founded by the warm and cozy feeling that a campfire brings to us.  We are all better surrounded by our friends and family sitting around a campfire.  

Camp Club Crew was born out of a shared love for the simple joys of life. We believe that there's something extraordinary about the dance of flames and the camaraderie of loved ones under natures sky.  We could all use a few more campfires in our lives.

If we could bottle up the warm cozy campfire feeling, we would.  And we’d sprinkle it on our feet so we could leave some of it everywhere we walked. We also know that we are all better humans in our unique communities, our unique groups, our unique tribes. 

We call these Camps, Clubs, Crews This is where we are happiest and we are not afraid to let people know to what group of like-minded people we hang with,
“belong” if you will.  More importantly we celebrate others for their unique camp they are in, or the club and crew they belong to.

What We Offer 

  • Campfire Collections

    Clothing that makes us think warm and cozy.

    Be warm and cozy.

  • Camp Club Crew Collections

    Clothing that links us to
    our unique groups. These are the groups we share our time, skills, knowledge, adventures with. We give back by teaching what we already know or listen carefully to the mentors that came before us.

  • Magic

    Experience the magic when we are all in our Camp, Club, Crew.

  • Community

    We're more than just a brand.

    We are a community of communities that celebrate others unique community and walk in our community.

  • Gratitude

    We are more than just a brand.

    We are grateful for the Camp, Club, Crew we belong to.

About Camp Club Crew

Our Mission

At Camp Club Crew our mission is to kindle the warmth of togetherness, encouraging people to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and embrace the joy of connecting with nature and each other. We believe that these moments of tranquility, laughter, and reflection are the fuel that keeps the fires of our souls burning bright.